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"G-FOKK - It's The Red Baron!"

Photograph - G-FOKK over Sywell - by Tony van Geffen


Fokker DR1 Fokker Triplane - "The Red Baron'

Fokker Triplane G-FOKK is a full scale replica of the famous German WW1 fighter aircraft, the Fokker Dr1 Dreidecker. Built as a response to the British Sopwith Triplane, the Fokker Dr1 was by no means a copy of that aircraft.  From the factory of the legendary Dutch designer, Anthony Fokker, the Fokker Dr1 is amongst the most instantly recognisable aeroplanes from WW1, so it is surprising to learn that Fokker only produced 320 Dr1's, none of which are in existence today. 

The most famous exponent of the Fokker Dr1 was Manfred Von Richtofen, "The Red Baron". With his Triplane painted in the distinctive, blood red, colour scheme, Manfred von Richthofen was feared by allied pilots on the western front, claiming 70 victories until his death in 1918.

Triplane Replica G-FOKK was  scratch built from Ron Sands Plans by Paul And Sarah Ford.  Years of painstakingly research went into getting everything, including the colour, as accurate as possible. G-FOKK was finally test  flown in April 2008, almost 5 years since the build began, and then made several display appearances at the end of the 2008 season to exceptional reviews.

Now in its second full flying season, G-FOKK is displayed by Matthew Boddington, who also test-flew the aircraft.  Matthew is an experienced and accomplished Display Pilot, and has flown a wide variety of aircraft during his impressive career.

To see more photo's of G-FOKK - please Visit our online Gallery

To see some amazing footage of G-FOKK displaying at the Sywell Show visit this YouTube Link

The Story So Far...

26th April 2008 - Maiden Flight

Jasta Binks Aviation are proud to announce that on 26th April 2008, at Sywell Aerodrome, their recently completed Fokker Triplane - G-FOKK - took to the air for her maiden (test) flight.

First Take Off

Piloted by Matthew Boddington, G-FOKK flew beautifully, and the test programme was quickly finished.

26th July 2008 - Local WW1 Ace commemorated at Sywell Major Edward Corringham, 'Mick' Mannock VC DSO** MC* 1897 - 1918

On Saturday 26th July 2008, having received CAA Approval 2 days previously, G-FOKK made her first 'official' public appearance at Sywell Aerodrome. The occasion was a Memorial Flypast with an SE5, to pay tribute to the British Flying Ace Major Edward Corringham, 'Mick' Mannock DSO** MC*.

Piloted by Matthew Boddington, G-FOKK again delighted the assembled crowd.

This event was organised by Sywell Aerodrome Museum, which is well worth a visit. For more information on the museum please click on the link below:-

http://www.sywellaerodrome.co.uk/museumnews.php?id=57 /

Photograph - Paul Ford of Jasta Binks with Matthew Boddington of Biggles Biplane after the Mick Mannock Flypast at Sywell on 26th July - by Tony van Geffen

26th July 2008 - Air to Air Photography Sessions

Two further flights took place on that day, and hundreds of air to air photographs were taken; firstly by Tony van Geffen, who was very kindly piloted by Stuart Bond of Flylight in a Skyranger; the second photoshoot was piloted by Mark, who flew his Sywell based Tigermoth, the photographer on this flight was Paul Ford. We hope to feature many of these photographs in an online album in the future.

Photograph - G-FOKK - by Tony van Geffen

G-FOKK - Available for Airshows and Public Appearances - Photo by Tony van Geffen

24th August 2008 - Sywell Airshow


Thank you to everyone who came along to support the Sywell Airshow , it is in aid of the Air Ambulance.

We had a super day, selling G-FOKK "Red Baron" merchandise from a stand at the show. The Fokking Lovely T-Shirts, were a great success and will be available from the website soon, along with Models, Pictures, Magnets, etc.

For a review and many pictures of the airshow why not visit the UK Airshow Review HERE.

To view pictures taken by members of the public Click HERE.

The Daleks were a huge success, and are hoping to have an even bigger "Invastion Force" for the next show in 2010. For more information on their activities visit their website at Project Dalek and prepare to be exterminated...!

31st August 2008 - Little Gransden Airshow

The Little Gransden Show is an annual event in aid of Children in Need.

Due to exceptionally inclement weather, in the form of thick fog, G-FOKK was unable to attend this wonderful event. The plane was fueled up and ready to go from 9am on the day, but the fog didnt lift at all, so the trip was abandoned after lunch. Hopefully we will have better luck (weather) next year.

Follow the link for more information on the Little Gransden Airshow Little Gransden Airshow

14th September 2008 - Heroes Airshow - RFC Rendcomb

Help for Heroes

We were delighted to be invited to display with The Great War Display Team at this event - the biggest private airshow of the year. Held at RFC Rendcomb in the heart of the Cotswolds, this event was in aid of Help for Heroes a charity dedicated to providing support to service personnel injured in the line of duty. If you haven't yet visited their website, we urge you to do so.

RFC Rendcomb is the home of Team Guinot - World leaders in air display flying; Aerosuperbatics have operated highly successful sponsored air display teams for over 20 years. Operators of the world’s only formation wingwalking team, Team Guinot, seen live by over 5 million spectators every summer. Our thanks to Vic Norman and the amazing team at Aerosuperbatics for hosting this amazing event.

Sir John Allison was Flying Display Director, and his presence set the scene for a truely spectacular display lineup featuring many World Class Display Acts including: The Red Arrows; The Guinot Aerosuberbatics Formation Wingwalking Display Team; The Sywell based Blades; The Swift Gliders Aerobatic Display Team; the RedStarz - the only Sukhoi 29 and Yak 52 display team in the world and the 12 minute show combines elegant, classic and symmetrical aerobatic manoeuvres with dynamic tumbling and rolling energy. Nick Barnard flies the Su29 and Peter Scandrett leads the pair in his Yak 52 ; Warbirds from Peter Teichman, John Romain and Stephen Grey; Paul Bonhomme and Steve Jones' only SU-26 appearance this year as The Matadors ...... it was a truely incredible day and we understand raised a great deal of money for Help for Heroes.

We plan to include links to all of these display teams as soon as possible. For now, we apologise for the lack of photo's - please watch this space! The Great War Display Team

Team Guinot

Hanger 11

The Swift Aerobatic Display Team .

Red Baron Spotted over Somerleyton -

G-Fokk Flown by Builder and Owner -

Jasta Binks Aviation - Aircraft Construction Services

Friends of Jasta Binks - The Sywell Flying Circus

Biggles Biplane

Sywell Aerodrome


Sywell Aerodrome Museum

Other Links - Not Sywell Based

Little Gransden Airshow

Project Dalek


We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped us achieve our dream, in particular Matthew and Di Boddington, Brian Mills, Anne and Dave Hutchinson, David Emmerson, our families, John and Sylvia (both couples), James, Terry and Barbara, Mags, Mandy and Pete - apologies if we have missed anyone out - you all know who you are, and that we couldnt have done it without you. Some of you aren't listed here because we havent managed to contact you to ask permission. Please come along and see us at Sywell so we can thank you in person.

Coming Soon

Greater Accessibility - This website is very much a 'work in progress' - we realise that it is not yet fully accessible - and are striving to correct that. Should you have any difficulties in accessing the website please contact the webmaster with your contact details and we will endeavour to assist you as soon as possible.

The Fokker Story - how Paul Ford built a WW1 Replica and stayed married - including construction photos and the trials and tribulations of building and flying G-FOKK......

More photographs - a lot more - we took over 600 in our last two air to air sorties.......

Merchandise - Jasta Binks is a Lovely Fokker - so when you've read the webpage, and seen it fly, you will need the obligatory 'What a Lovely Fokker T Shirt', to be followed by many other similarly dreadful puns such as 'Bad Fokking Attitude', 'My Dad Says I'm a Little Fokker', etc, etc .....

More links

Thats it for now folks.... more photos will be added soon.

Oh alright, here are some more now...

Photograph - G-FOKK - by Paul Ford

Photograph - G-FOKK - by Paul Ford

Photograph - G-FOKK - by Paul Ford

Photograph - G-FOKK - by Paul Ford

Photograph - G-FOKK - by Paul Ford

Photograph - G-FOKK - by Paul Ford

Photograph - G-FOKK - by Paul Ford

Photograph - G-FOKK - by Paul Ford

.... And Finally ....

John Bell


This website is dedicated to the memory of John Munsey Bell, who passed away in March 2008. We miss him and will never forget him.

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